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  1. Rating:
    Perma-Vault Pro-700-M Depository Safe with Large Top Chute & Key Lock

    This depository safe comes with a high security lock with two keys. For a depository box meant to be out of sight it is quite large 11-1/2" x 10"x 8". This depository safe comes with a; Medeco high security lock with two (2) keys. The top chute allows easy deposit of checks, cash, and receipts.

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    PermaVault PRO-SS-12 Dual Custody Cash Depository Safe


    • Anti-fish baffle
    • Cash slot for easy insertion of cash, checks, without unlocking
    • 13 lbs
    • Heavy gauge steel construction, Black enamel finish
    • Slot opening 1/2" x 6"
    • Unique design permits bolting and mounting to any structurally sound surface

    Model and Specifications:

    • Pro-SS-12      6in x 7in. x 12in. (capacity 0.29 cu ft)
                           Dual custody safe deposit lock. Requires 2
                           keys to open.
                           Slot opening:1/2in x 6in
                           Weight: 13 lb.
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    Perma-Vault Pro-1152M Inner Compartment for Model Pro-1150M
    This is the compartment for the Perma-Vault Pro-1150M Learn More
  4. Rating:
    Perma-Vault Pro-40M Boltable Slotted Deposit Safe w/ Slide Off Top
    The Pro-40M depository safe comes with the high security Medeco key lock. The slide off top can be moved to other Pro-40M safes in various locations. This is a way to secure your cash, checks, and receipts quickly and discretely. Learn More
  5. Rating:
    Perma-Vault Pro-1201M Outer Compartment for Model Pro-1200M
    You are ordering the outer compartment for a Perma-Vault Pro-1200M Learn More
  6. Rating:
    Perma-Vault Pro-1202M Inner Compartment for Model Pro-1200M
    You are ordering the inner compartment for a Perma-Vault Pro-1200M Learn More
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    Perma-Vault PRO-COV-903 Door Installation Cover Plate for Model PRO-903-M

    Cover plate for Pro-903-M small through the wall depository safe. This cover plate allows for the installation through a normal door (around 1 1/2 inches wide). If you need to install through a wall or thicker door, please add the PRO-CH-9031 (for walls up to 5 1/2 Inches) or the PRO-CH-9032 (for walls between 5 and 9 inches). Call us for a quote on walls thicker than 9 inches. Call us if you have questions.

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  8. Rating:
    Perma-Vault Pro-1050M Deposit Safe with Retractable Opening & Key Lock
    Large pull out drawer on this PermaVault depository safe makes for easy deposit of cash, checks and receipts. The Pro-1050 has heavy steel construction with black enamel finish. Learn More
  9. Rating:
    Perma-Vault Pro-2225-C Thru Wall Deposit Safe w/ Combo (Dial) Lock

    This large Perma-Vault through the wall depository safe comes with many security features including a UL Listed Group II Combination Lock (drill resistant). It has heavy gauge steel construction and an anti-fish baffle. The chute is adjustable to fit your wall. The Pro-22225-C comes with pre-drilled holes for bolt down. A cover plate can be ordered for this model. Search for PRO-2225-COVPL

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    Perma-Vault Pro-20 Boltable Front Load Slotted Deposit Safe

    The Pro-20 depository safe offers you a quick way to get cash and checks out of site and into a secure space. This depository safe is designed for horizontal installation only. It is pre-drilled for bolt down. The slot is  3/8" x 5 5/8.

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