Kaba Mas Unicon Lock Model CL20

Kaba Mas Unicon Lock Model CL20 Features:

Power:  Two CR2 lithium 3v batteries

Access Control: Users are assigned a 3-digit user ID and can select a unique 5-digit PIN. Use of PIN is optional but suggested for added security.

Touch Key Number Pad: Five button keypad accepts user command.

Audit Trail: The user's ID is recorded with date and time stamp each time a function is performed on the lock. This includes both opening and closing events ((Requires Unicon CL Series Software)

Wrong Try Lockout: After five consecutive failed combination attempts, lock disables for three minutes. Additional consecutive failed attempts will result in another three minute penalty.

Key Override (optional): Key override sensor kit allows cabinet key to override lock and allow entry. This will be recorded in the lock audit.

Operating Modes: 

  • Independent Mode: Master User adds individual access users to the lock.
  • Supervisor/Subordinate Mode: Master User adds up to three supervisors, who then add or delete their direct subordinates to/from the lock.

Access Modes:

  • Single User: Entering one valid combination required to open lock.
  • Dual User: Entering two valid combinations required to open lock.

Access Schedules: Can be set and maintained at the PC using Unicon CL Series Software and uploaded (transferred).

Customer Service: Kaba Mas technical support is available 24 hours, seven days of the week. 877-950-4744.