Choosing a Home Wall Safe

There are many things to consider when choosing a home wall safe. If you are going to store anything irreplaceable like heirloom jewelry, we strongly recommend a fireproof home wall safe. Fireproofing increases the size and weight of a home wall safe. This means that they are so deep you will have to cut through two walls to accommodate the safe.  Even if you chose a fireproof wall safe, we recommend insuring anything particularly valuable it through a rider on your insurance policy.

There are a variety of lock styles to chose from for a home wall safe. Any lock which has a UL rating, is a lock which has been tested and been shown to be burglary resistant. The traditional combination lock is the slowest as far as access. People who only go in their safe occasionally often still opt for this type of lock.

 The electronic key pad and digital mechanical key pad both offer fast access to your home wall safe. The major difference between the two is that an electrical keypad lock can be reprogrammed to a new combination any time you wish to change it, The electronic key pad lock works on a battery which can be replaced with the safe locked -- so you are never locked out as long as you have a spare battery.

Nothing is as fast as a biometric - fingerprint recognition lock for a home wall safe. SecureLogic Wall Vaults were designed by a gun owner who wanted instant access in an emergency. This kind of lock can also be reprogrammed to recognize a new fingerprint at any time.

Besides the fire rating and the lock style, the other main considerations in selecting a home wall safe are sturdiness, size and cost.

At the WallSafeStore we are happy to help you make your selection. Call now or contact us.

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