Combination Lock Safe UL Rating

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Almost every combination lock safe on this site has a UL rating. This means the combination lock safe has been rated by Underwriters laboratory (UL).

UL rated combination locks are investigated by UL primarily for correctness of design and accuracy of construction to guard against manipulation of the combination by sense of sight, touch or hearing. In other words UL test for built in protection unless the entire product is manufactured with that in mind.

UL rated combination locks may be of the hand change or key change type. The key change type enables the owner to change the combination-setting readily without opening the lock case. It is important to set your product to a series of numbers of your choice rather than keeping it on a common factory setting.

UL Ratings:

UL rated combination locks are classified as Group 1, Group 1R, Group 2 or Group 2M according to the degree of protection afforded against manipulation, and uses for which judged suitable as follow.


UL rated combination locks are highly resistant to expert or professional manipulation. The protection against expert manipulation included closed cams, notched tumblers, extra levers, or other advanced design features not found in conventional designs. Group 1 locks are considered suitable for use on burglary resisting models such as classTRTL015X6, -30, -30X6, -60, TXTL-60X6 and on vaults.


UL Rated combination locks afford the same protection against expert or professional manipulation as a Group 1 lock and in addition includes resistance against radiological methods of attack. Group 1R locks are considered suitable for use on fire safes, security files and vaults where the highest degree of protection is required.


UL rated combination locks are resistant to semi-skilled manipulation. They are considered to be suitable for use on general security containers. Most of the products on this website have a UL Group 2 (II) rating. Please contact us with questions about your security needs at 1 (877) 442-9964.