Fire Rated Gun Safe
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Fire Rated Gun Safe

Any good fire rated gun safe will have an independent laboratory rating connected to their fire protection. This is true for both Browning and Sentry fire rated gun safes. Sentry uses Underwriters Laboratory and therefore their products have a "UL rating." The UL mark stands for Underwriters Laboratories Inc., an independent, not-for-profit, non governmental organization that was formed in 1894 to reduce injury, loss of life and property damage.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. scientifically investigates and tests thousands of types of products. Each Sentry's fire rated gun safe model has been tested to measure its fire resistance. Behind the UL Mark on Sentry products is a global team of nearly 6,0000 engineers, scientists, chemists, technicians, field representatives and support staff..

Over its 100 year history, Underwriters Laboratory Inc ahs developed more than 1,200 standards for rating products. Once a product earns the UL mark, UL field representatives make periodic visits to manufacturing facilities to ensure the products still earn the UL rating.

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At the GunSafeStore, we are proud to offer both Browning and Sentry fire resistant gun safe models -  both manufacturers use an independent laboratory to determine fire rating. Often a gun safe is once-in-a lifetime purchase. If you need to ask questions about the fire resistance of any of our products, please call us or use the contact form.

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