Fire Rating or no Fire Rating for a Wall Safe?

Many customers ask us if there is an advantage to purchasing a wall fire safe as opposed to one without fire protection.  With any wall safe you are getting the advantage of an easy to conceal security safe. But with a wall fire safe you are getting double protection - first the protection of a concealed security safe - and second the reassurance of knowing your valuables are protected from fire damage.

Our website has three wall fire safe models with one hour fire protection. This means they have special insulation which ensures the interior temperature stays 150F or lower in order to protect papers and other valuables from being damaged. This insulation is a heavy material resembling concrete, so these models are heavier. Also, while the exterior dimensions might be large, the insulation takes up much of the interior space. So when choosing, check the dimensions carefully to ensure you have enough interior space to store your valuables.

The extra insulation on the wall fire safes also mean they are larger which affects the way you install the safes. Our wall fire safes are all so deep that you will need to cut through two walls in order to install. You will want to chose a wall so that the back extends beyond a wall in a closet or garage, where it is easily concealed.

We pride ourselves on customer service and we are here to answer all your questions about wall fire safes. Feel free to contact us.


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