Firearm Safe
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Firearm  Safe

Good gun security begins with a firearm safe. There are mechanical devices to lock a gun trigger but ingenious children have been known to use leverage to overcome these devices. Likewise, "hiding"  guns won't secure them from discovery and possible misuse by curious children or intruders. We recommend teaching your children firearm safety when they are old enough, but locking up your guns is still recommended.

A good steel firearm safe is the best way to secure your guns. A glass front cabinet can be easily broken into. You want steel doors for your firearm safe. Heavy construction and total weight will deter theft.  At the GunSafeStore, all of our firearm safe models can also be bolted to the floor. Click Here for Firearm Safe Models!

If your guns have any great value, consider a fire-rated firearm safe. One  to three hour fire protection is available in the large gun safe models. If your guns are collectible, antique, or of sentimental value, we strongly recommend a fire rated firearm safe and also that you insure your guns. Some people even engrave their guns with a license number or driver's license number.

Please call us at the GunSafeStore for the best gun safes available. Order online, call us for help or use the contact form to send us an email.

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