Why Fireproof Safes - Fire Endurance Test UL  

On this site you will find fireproof safes rated from 1/2hr to 2 hrs.  When fireproof safe have UL labels - time is indicated and this also designates how hot the furnace temperature will get during testing.   The fireproof safes on this site have been tested at the following temperatures:

-- 1/2 Hour fireproof safes- furnace heated up to 1550F -843C
-- 1 Hour fireproof safes - furnace heated up to 1700F -927C
-- 2 Hour fireproof safes - furnace heated up to 1850F -1010C*

This is how the fire endurance test is performed.  The contents used will be papers, computer media or both depending on the product. The contents are distributed throughout the interior of the product. The safe is then conditioned - which insures that at the start of the test the interior will be between 65-75F and the humidity below 65%.

The furnace heat then rises at a carefully monitored rate until the specified temperature is reached. UL makes sure the furnace heat is distributed evenly over the exposed surfaces of the product.

After the temperature and time is reached, for example 1550F for 1/2Hour, the furnace is turned off. The product then cools in the unopened furnace. This can take as long as 68 hours --this means that the product is continuing to be exposed to the heat in the furnace even though it is turned off. Even though the product  is still exposed to heat it still must not exceed the humidity and internal temperature requirements to pass the UL test.

The last step of the testing involves opening the product and examining the interior to check for damage. Once opened, the contents are also examined to make sure they are still in usuable condition.

We are proud at the FireSafeStore to offer only products which bear the UL or the ETL label. Please contact us with any questions you may have about fireproof safes.

Here is a complete chart of temperature and time durations for UL Fire Endurance Testing
Time in Minutes Temperature in Celsius Temperature in Fahrenheit
5 538 1000
10 704 1300
15 670 1400
20 793 1460
25 821 1510
30 843 1550
35 860 1580
40 877 1610
45 893 1640
50 904 1660
55 916 1680
60 927 1700
75 954 1750
90 977 1790
105 993 1820
120 1010 1850
135 1021 1870
150 1038 1890
165 1044 1910
180 1052 1920
195 1060 1940
210 1071 1960
225 1082 1980
240 1093 2000


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