Frequently Asked Questions about V-line Pistol Safes

Q: Do the Vline products carry a warranty?

A: The lock and case carry a one year warranty. Should you have any problems call Vline directly
 at 1-805-520-4987.

Q: Is it hard to install the wall safe model 41214-S QuickVault?

A: The QuickVault comes with complete instructions.  As long as you avoid an area in the wall that has wires and pipes, and as long as you cut the hole in the wall according to the measurements in the instructions, the safe will slide into the wall easily and bolt into the studs.

Q: Wouldn't it be easy for someone to carry off a pistol case?

A: Yes, so we recommend highly that you bolt it down. It comes with mounting holes. You can also purchase an optional mounting bracket that attaches to a surface.

Q: Is the lock on the Vline cases battery operated?

A: No, the lock is mechanical which means it will never fail because of weak batteries and yet you can still get into your case quickly.

Q: Is there a key backup for the lock?

A: No, Vline feels you are better protected without another point of entry into the case.

Q: Can I change combination on the case?

A: We recommend changing the combination to one of your choice. Directions come included with each case.

Q: Can I set the combination to anything I want?

A: You can use as few as one button or as many as five.  You may select multiple buttons at one time combined with other selections but you can only use each button once in your total combination. Directions will be included with your case.

Q: What should I do if I have problems resetting my combination?

A: Call Vline 1-805-520-4987

Q: What happens if I forget my combination?

A: Do not forget your combination. There is no back door d\entry into this safe which is what makes it so secure. Please give a loved one a copy of the combination or put a copy in a safe place.