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Gun Box

A gun lock box is an excellent choice for keeping your handgun easily accessible, yet safe and secure from unauthorized users. These boxes are used by gun owners of all types and are even employed by those in law enforcement. At the GunSafeStore, we offer numerous gun boxes from leading manufacturers like GunVault, V-Line, Smith and Wesson, American Security, and PermaVault. Though our gun boxes and small safes are among the very best available, we offer them at deeply discounted prices and provide free shipping as well. Additionally, many of our gun boxes are even made in the USA!

Some of our PermaVault gun boxes are even available with pre-drilled holes. Such holes allow the user to bolt the box down to the surface of his or her choice, providing a higher level of security. This type of extra security measure is what makes the safes available at GunSafeStore invaluable to the conscientious gun owner.

At the GunSafeStore, we offer gun boxes of heavy-gauge steel with cushioned insides. We have gun boxes with key locks, as well as those with combination, push button, and digital-locking systems. We offer such a large selection to make finding the perfect gun boxes easy.

Our customers are among the most discriminating in the world. They come to us at the GunSafeStore because they trust us to offer superior-quality gun boxes at affordable prices. Call us for or use contact use form to send us an email.


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