GunVault FAQ

Q. I can’t program my GunVault.
A. Disconnect the battery tray for 30 seconds and try to program again.

Q. I hear a click when I enter my code.
A. Replace your batteries (Duracell is recommended).

Q. I hear a whirl noise when I try to open my GunVault.
A. Please call Technical Support for assistance  (800) 222-1055 ext.459

Q. My new GunVault is missing the Battery Tray.
A. The Battery Tray is pre-installed inside on the ceiling of the GunVault. Reach inside the unit and find the far end of the ceiling foam. Pinch the far end, and carefully pull it part of the way out of the unit. DO NOT TEAR IT LOOSE.

Q. My brand new GunVault door will not open.
A. Place the unit on a flat service, turn the key, and hit the top/side of the safe with your palm. In rare occasions you may have to use a flat head screw driver by placing the head between the body of the unit and the door. You might also have to bang the lower left edge on the ground.

Q. My keys don’t open my GunVault.
A. Check the key number on the keys and the number of the lock cylinder and make sure the key is
inserted fully.

Q. I’ve lost my keys.
A. Keys beginning with an “A” or “R” have a limited availability. Please call Technical Support (800) 222-1055 ext.459 for assistance. An extra pair of keys cost $20.00 with shipping (excluding orders outside the continental U.S.).

Q. I can’t find my Serial Number.
A. The Serial number is located under the foam material on the floor of the GunVault.

Q. I want to program multiple users into my GunVault.
A. Only the GVB-2000 Bio can be programmed for up to 30 enrolled finger prints. All other units can be programmed for one (1) user.

Q. How long can I make my code?
A. The code has a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of six (6). Excluding the GVB-2000 Bio which
 uses a finger template.

Q. Which directions can the GunVault be mounted?
A. The GunVault can be mounted any direction needed. Mounting the unit with the door facing down is not recommended.

Q. How long should the batteries last?
A. Batteries last nine (9) months to one (1) year (Duracell is recommended). Units subjected to extreme heat or cold will have an effect on battery life.

Q. Do any of the GunVault units have a fire rating?
A. No, all units have no fire protection.

Q. Can I send my GunVault in for repairs?
A. No, there are currently no repairs being made. Any GunVault received without an RA# (Return Authorization Number) are returned to sender or destroyed.