Hand Gun Safes
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Hand Gun Safes

Who needs a gun safe company that only sells one type or size of hand gun safe? We at the GunSafeStore know you want a selection of many different gun safes from which to choose. We're happy to provide you with numerous gun safe options, featuring quality construction and plenty of extras for your convenience.

Some of our customers come to us for hand gun safes capable of holding a gun or two and maybe a few other valuables. Others, however, need to secure several guns at a time. In fact, we serve police and fire departments, as well as a full range of businesses that require secure storage space for many guns at a time.

If you need to keep many guns secure, consider a stackable hand gun safe. Our PermaVault stackable safes feature tough steel construction, pre-drilled holes for bolting to the surface of your choice, and hinged drop-down doors. Each unit has a security lock with two keys and a padded bottom.

The PermaVault stackable safe units can be purchased welded together according to your specifications. If you prefer, you can choose to have them delivered with pre-drilled holes, allowing you to simply screw them together instead. Just gives us a call and let us know what you need. We will be happy to provide detailed information about available safes, pricing, shipping costs, and delivery times. Whether you need a hand gun safe to store just one gun or a solution for storing many at a time, the GunSafeStore is the only company you need. Secure the best hand gun safes by calling us or using the contact form to send us an email.


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