Hidden Wall Safe

We want those shopping for a hidden wall safe to understand that there is a difference between gimmicks to conceal something and a real security product such as a hidden wall safe.

There are many inexpensive gimmicks out there such as a fake light switch or pop can where one can conceal keys or other small objects. We feel these are no better than hiding something under your mattress.

When you buy a hidden wall safe, you not only conceal important objects but you secure them. All the safes on this site have break-in resistant locks and all steel bodies.  The heavier models even have relocking steel bolts.

Many people store a hand gun in their hidden wall safe. They can rest assured that their hand gun will not get into the hands of their children.

Our customer service people are available to answer your questions. If you need help deciding where to install a hidden wall safe so it is not only concealed but also convenient for you, please contact us.

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