How to Install AMSEC (AMERICAN SECURITY) Wall Safes Models WES149  WFS149

(if you need help with installation, please call AMSEC 1-800-421-6142)

These items come with your wall safe:

  • 14 each #8 x 1/2" Sheet Metal Screw, Black
  • 4 each #8 x 1" Sheet Metal Screw, Black
  • 4 each 1/4" Flat Washers
  • 4 each 1/4-20 x 1" Tamper Resistant Screws
  • 4 each 3/8" x 1 1/2" Lag Bolts
  • 4 each 3/8" Flat Washer
  • 1 each Dressing Ring
  • 1 each Mounting Collar
  • 2 each Body Flange

Front Wall

1. Chose a location for your safe. Remember that this is a deep safe and will protrude through a wall. You might want to chose a wall that borders a closet so that the rear of the safe will protrude into the closet. On a standard wall, the safe will protrude about 11 1/2" into the closet.Chose a location away from electrical switches, fixtures, plumbing, drain piping.

2. Locate the studs between which the safe will be mounted. For it to work for this safe, the studs have to be 16" on center and have a minimum of 14 1/4" open space between them.

3. Make a light line between the studs marking where you want the bottom of the safe to be. Drill a hole a little above this line so you will have space to insert your saw.

4. Use a small saw to slowly cut along the line between the studs. If you hit any obstruction, stop and investigate.

5. Use the front face of the mounting collar to mark the top of the opening --it will be your pattern for marking where the top of the safe will be. Line up the bottom of the mounting collar on the line you just cut for the bottom of the safe. Trace a light line across the top of the collar between the studs.

6. Drill a hole just below the line to make space for the saw. Saw horizontally.

7. Use a straight edge, to mark a light line between the ends of your horizontal cuts. Drill a hole for your saw and cut vertically. After doing both sides remove the drywall and insulation. Check to see if the mounting collar fits. If not, carve the opening until it will fit.

Back Wall

8. Using a square, transfer the top and bottom cuts to the inside of the opposite wall drywall. Mark a horizontal line
 1 1/16" down from the top and up from the bottom on the back wall. Mark lines parallel to the studs 7/16" in from either side.

9. Use a drill to make a hole that will fit your saw just inside each of the four corners of the rectangle marked on the back wall.

10. Mark light lines connecting the outside of the four holes. The rectangle you have drawn should be about 13 3/8" wide by 17 1/4" high. Saw from the corner holes along your lines to make the rear opening for the safe in the back wall. Remove the drywall.

Mounting the Safe

11. Remove the rubber feet from the bottom of the safe

12 Put the mounting collar in position with the flat face flush to just below the surface of the opening in the front wall. Drill 1/4" pilot holes in the studs through the mounting holes in the side of the frame. Use the 3/8"  lag bolts with 3/8"  washers to bolt the mounting collar to the studs.

13. Blace the flange of the body from the front of the safe and mark the center of the holes in the flange onto the front wall. Punch holes with a center punch into the drywall. Use the 14 #8 x 1/2" sheet metal screws to screw the body of the flange in place.

14. Remove the door from the safe, lift it off its hinge pins, and set it aside.

15. Place the body of the safe into the opening, sliding it back. Position it so that the four mounting holes line up. Lifting the safe from the inside roof might help you position it.

16. Bolt the safe in place using the four 1/4 - 20 x 1" tamper resistant screw and 1/4" washers.

17. Put the door back on the hinge pins.

18. Put the dressing ring in the wall opening so the inner nose of the collar fits over the pod of the safe. Press it down against the wall tightly and fasten through four hole corners with the #8 x1" sheet metal screws. By opening the door, you can better access the screws. The dressing ring should fit flat on the wall and frame the safe neatly.

For trouble shooting, call AMSEC 1-800-421-6142