Keep Jewelry Safe - How to Insure

A jewelry safe will give you some security, however we recommend you insure your valuables. Even a good quality jewelry safe is not invulnerable in all situations. We recommend especially a heavy fire rated jewelry safe which you can bolt down. But you cannot always keep your jewelry safe in every situation. That is why we recommend insurance.

This article is intended to offer your advice about insurance to keep your jewelry safe. 

Insuring your valuables begins with proof of the value of your items. If you have receipts, store them with a photo of your item. Next best is an appraisal....which might be especially important if their is antique value as well as the value of the materials (gems and precious metals). Most appraisers will include a photograph of the item -- if not, be sure there is a complete description attached to the appraisal.  Appraisals are not cheap, so if you have receipts it will save you money.

Next you need to review your home owners or renters insurance to see if it covers valuable items for loss, theft and damage. Also check to see what the deductible is on your policy. You may need a rider, a special clause at a separate cost, to cover valuables. You could also consider specialized insurance....a separate policy altogether for your valuables.

Other tips:

If your appraisals are old, have them redone. Again if there is antique value that can change over the years.

It would be helpful for your family to have a written or computer record of items you consider precious. This would include a good photograph, the history of the item if you know it, and the value of the item if you know it.

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