Jewelry Safes - Recommended Models

The choice of jewelry safes is very wide. While it is possible to buy jewelry safes without fire protection, we do not recommend it. People who buy jewelry safes usually consider their items precious and irreplaceable. They want fire protection.
Overall we recommend a large heavy safe. These are much more difficult for burglars to pick up and take. All the models recommended below can be bolted down and we strongly recommend this extra protection.

Some people prefer a wall-safe. It can be easily hidden, is bolted into the studs, and can be mounted at eye level.  Our recommendation is the following models, with 1 hr fire protection: WES149 with electronic lock or WFS149 with combination lock: AMSEC Wallsafes

For a heavy-duty large 1 hr fire plus burglary safe the following Mesa model is our top recommendation: Mesa Commercial Safe

For something smaller, less than 34" high,  we recommend these: Home Safes

See the link above right to browse through all our fire-rated models.

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