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Rifle Safes

You want peace of mind. We don't think you should have to search high and low for it. At the GunSafeStore, our only objective is putting high-quality gun safes at your fingertips, offering you easy access to the safes you need at prices that are guaranteed to make you smile.

If you are looking for rifle safes, you needn't continue searching. We offer rifle safes to store your collection of rifles away from unauthorized users and protect your prized collection from burglary attempts. We offer low prices on top-quality safes from manufacturers like Sentry, Browning, and V-Line, allowing you to choose the best safe for your needs with all the features you could possibly desire.

Our rifle safes offer such features as pry-resistant doors, concealed hinges, hardware for bolting, carpeted interiors, and much more. Many of our rifle safes offer such options as electronic locks, bungee organization features, and ammo boxes with separate locks. Many also boast adjustable shelves, pre-punched holes, and Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) ratings. All of our rifle safes offer solid construction. We believe in offering safes that are of the very best quality and built to last.

Want a fire-resistant model or a biometric lock? No problem! We have the perfect rifle safe for you, no matter what your needs. We can assist you whether you need just one safe or many. We are happy to offer volume pricing as well. Call us or send us an email via the contact form. Let us help you in obtaining the right safe.



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