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    2-1825 Fire King Vertical Letter Fire, Impact, Water, Data File

    The FireKing 2-1825 is part of the 25 Series intended to be economical and space saving. The 2-1825 is a two (2) drawer vertical letter size file. The 2-1825 carries the UL one hour fire rating and is water resistant. For quickest delivery pick from our in-stock colors Black, Platinum and Parchment,.

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    As low as $1,618.48
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    2-2125-C FireKing Legal File 1 Hour Rated Fire, 25 Inches Deep

    The 25 Series of FireKing fireproof files, while smaller and space saving, have the great features of the bigger models.  The 2-2125 is a two (2) drawer vertical file which is UL rated water resistant and UL rated fireproof (one hour).  This model is designed to hold legal size documents in the Accuride suspension drawer system. For quickest delivery, pick from our in-stock colors Black, Platinum or Parchment.

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    As low as $1,646.61
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    2-1831-C FireKing Vertical Letter, Fire, Water, Data File

    The Fire King 2-1831-C fireproof file cabinet, while small, it provides high security and fire protection. The drrawers are designed to accommodate letter sized documents. The two (2) drawer vertical fireproof file cabinet is UL rated fireproof for one hour.

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    As low as $2,009.97
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    2-2131-C FireKing Vertical Legal File, UL Rated 1 Hour Fire, Water, Data

    The Fire King 2-2131-C is a two (2) drawer vertical file with one hour UL fire rating. This fire file cabinet is designed wide to hold legal size hanging folders. This is a sturdy fireproof file cabinet having earned the UL Impact Resistant label. It als carries the UL rated fireproof label (one hour)

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    As low as $2,067.17
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    4-1825-C FireKing 25 Inch Deep Letter Vertical File, 1 Hour Fire

    Fire King fireproof file cabinet 25" models offer peace of mind with UL 350F 1hr classified fire protection. This smaller more economical fireproof file cabinet is economical but has all the advantages of the larger products. Free shipping includes dock to dock delivery. The 25" Fire King models are usually in stock and take about 7 days for delivery.

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    As low as $2,530.40
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    4-2125-C FireKing Vertical File, 25 Inch Deep, US Made

    The FireKing 4-2125 is a four (4) drawer legal size fireproof file cabinet. This series, like the bigger FireKing fire files, have high quality features such as a Medeco key lock and a UL fire, and water resistance rating.  Try the 4-21255 fireproof file for an economical and price saving model. Chose from in-stock colors for quickest delivery Black, Platinum and Parchment.

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    As low as $2,573.53
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    2-3122-C FireKing Lateral 1 Hour Fire File, Impact, Data

    This two (2) drawer lateral file is UL rated fireproof (one hour) and UL rated impact resistant. With high fire protection and high security, you can't do better that the 2-3122-C fireproof file cabinet made in the USA.

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    As low as $2,680.90
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    2-1929-2 FireKing High Security Vertical Letter, 2 Hour Fire File

    The 2-1929-2 is a two (2) drawer fireproof file cabinet designed to hold letter size documents. Proudly made in the USA it has superior fire protection and has earned a 2 hour UL rated firproof label. This is a vertical file cabinet with a Medeco high security key lock. For quickest delivery, chose from in stock colors: Black, Platinum, Parchment.

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    As low as $2,698.24
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    2-2130-2 FireKing High Security Vertical Legal File, 2 Hour Fire

    The 2-2130-2 is a two (2) drawer vertical file cabinet with a high security Medeco Key Lock. This fireproof file cabinet has the high  UL two hour fire protection rating.  This model will accommodate legal size documents. Extra care has been taken to construct easily moveable and durable drawers. For quickest shipment, order from in-stock colors Black, Platinum, or Parchment.

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    As low as $2,795.77